WordFence Reviews: Details, Pricing, & Features


Site security should be at the top of your list of priorities if you use WordPress. WordPress websites are the target of more than their fair share of hackers, bots, and other nefarious actors since it is the most widely used CMS on the planet. You don’t want viruses to infiltrate your website or unwanted visitors to enter past your login page. While there are many options available for keeping the perimeter of your website secure, WordFence reviews by its users shows that it is one of the best. In this WordFence review, we’ll go over everything it can do for you so you can decide which security measure is ideal for your website.

The most crucial element a website must possess to safeguard both its privacy and that of its users is security. All of one’s labor will be in vain without security. So use Wordfence to protect your WordPress website. It is the most popular security plugin that uses the continuously updated Threat Defence feed to prevent hackers from accessing your website. Its effective Wordfence scan gives the same exclusive feed advantage by providing quick notification in the case of a potential hack or danger. As the most comprehensive security solution for all of our threats, it offers real-time visibility into the traffic on your site along with a rich collection of extra capabilities.


Benefits of Wordfence

  1. Scans backdoor threat creators like R57, C99, Rootshell, Crystal shell, Sniper, Predator, GFS, Cybershell, etc. are scanned for.
  2. Scans to check for heartbeat sensitivity
  3. Checks the integrity of the repository versions’ core files, themes, and plugins.
  4. Files that were threatened with security can be optionally secured and changed.
  5. Examines the signature of more than 44,000 different known WordPress malware variants.
  6. Backdoors, trojans, strange code, phishing URLs, and even URLs on the Google safe surfing list are scanned for using heuristics.
  7. Includes whois lookup, location, blocking, and security features and is fully IPv6 compliant.

Overview of Wordfence pricing

Wordfence Pricing

Wordfence Free Edition Features:

● Endpoint Web Application Firewall – Detecting and stopping harmful attackers who target WordPress is one of Wordfence Free’s capabilities.
● Firewall Rules & Malware Signatures – After a 30-day delay, Wordfence Free receives the Wordfence Threat Defense Feed. The IP blocklist is not included in Wordfence’s free edition.
● Security Tools – Malware scanning, two-factor authentication, rate restriction, brute force protection, and vulnerability warnings are some examples of security tools.

There are three price tiers for Wordfence reviews which we will cover, ranging from $99 to $950. To determine which edition is best for you, look at the many pricing options below and read more details about the product here.

Premium Wordfence

Wordfence Premium is designed for independently managed websites that require premium ticket-based support, defense against the most recent exploits, detection of the most recent malware, and the capacity to block dangerous IP addresses currently assaulting WordPress sites. Wordfence Pricing for its premium version is $99 per year.

Wordfence Care

For business owners who value their time highly, Wordfence Care is available. The security of your WordPress site is installed, configured, optimized, and maintained by our staff. Wordfence Care delivers hands-on support and incident response in the event of a security incident in addition to all the advantages of Wordfence Premium. It costs $490 yearly.

Wordfence Response

For mission-critical WordPress websites that need 1-hour reaction times and 24-hour remediation, Wordfence Response is available. In addition to the features of Wordfence Premium and Wordfence Care, Wordfence Response also offers a rapid response staff that is ready to respond to security problems. Wordfence pricing for wordfence response is $950 yearly.

Wordfence Reviews: Main Features

Comprehensive Security solution for wordpress
  • Keep an eye out for unapproved DNS changes.
  • With the help of its real DNS and city-level geolocation technologies, you can determine what geographic region security risks come from.
  • A live view of all traffic, including artificial bots, which Javascript packages by default never display.
  • Obtain a real-time view of all the traffic to improve situational awareness.
  • Monitoring disk capacity for security reasons since DDoS assaults use up all available space and trigger a denial of service.

Wordfence Review – Pros & Cons


  1. Log in with your password and phone—two-factor authentication for excellent security.
  2. The website is shielded from malicious traffic by a web application firewall before an attack occurs.
  3. Automatic firewall rule updates for threat defense fields.
  4. Blocks typical WordPress risks including bots, malicious hacker scans, and GoogleBots.
  5. Verifies the password’s strength and enforces a strong one to increase login security.
  6. Prevents WordPress from disclosing information and blocks brute-force attacks.


  1. Updates make the plugin forget the API key
  2. Issues are created when Wordfence and Bluehost are used together.


A feature-rich tool to address all of your security issues is the Wordfence security plugin. Additionally, it looks for security risks and gives you peace of mind. All popular plugins and themes, such as WooCommerce, are supported. It is the most widely used security plugin for WordPress on the market. It is also Open Source and free. It also works well for many sites and gives you peace of mind that malicious users are being kept at bay.