Sendible Reviews: Details, Pricing, & Features

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For businesses wishing to handle social media more efficiently for their clients, Sendible is the best option. The best approach to execute a successful social media strategy for numerous companies is to use the Sendible platform, which unifies all of your social networks into a single, central hub.

Social media engagement, following development, and conversation initiation are all made easier with Sendible’s social media automation tools. Important discussions from many sources are compiled into a single stream by the unified priority inbox, which assists brands and agencies. Users can provide both insights and evidence of social media progress through social media reports.

The writing box in Sendible makes it easy to bulk-schedule social media updates throughout the day. To promote engagement and growth, Sendible reviews content and suggests algorithms automatically select and propose the best web content for a certain audience.


Sendible Review: Main Features that Sendible provides

  • Save time each week by scheduling and releasing material for social media.
  • Social media inboxes and streams — reply to all of your comments & messages from a single interface.
  • Find brand mentions quickly by using social media monitoring.
  • Find material to share with your audience through content curation.
  • Reporting for your social media accounts is fantastic for showcasing your amazing efforts.
  • A workflow for approvals is integrated directly into the CRM and task management platform to keep your team on the same page.

Four Features of Sendible You’ll Like

Let’s examine some of the specific areas where it excels:

Exceptional Functionality

First of all, you’ll adore Sendible’s all-inclusive strategy. It is designed to perform every task. Sendible can assist you whether you want to interact with users, plan fresh material, or keep an eye on crucial themes.

Additionally, each of those regions has extensive functionality. I’m still learning about new things in the interface today. You’ll have the same tiny “aha! moments while using the tool.

A Concentration on Productivity

Sendible does an excellent job of making sure you can use those capabilities as effectively as possible in addition to providing you with a ton of functionality.

Group Tasks

You’ll adore Sendible’s team-focused features if you work in a group. When viewing the content queue or calendar, for instance, you can filter for posts made by a certain team member.

Sentiment Assessment

Numerous tools are available to assist you in keeping track of a particular keyword on social media. But Sendible’s positive/negative/neutral sentiment analysis makes it simpler to exclude the most crucial items.

The Benefits of Sendible

  • The dashboard and user interface of this product are both superb.
  • Another amazing feature of it is its Priority Inbox, which makes sure that no priority mentions or messages are overlooked.
  • You may also listen in on what people are saying about your brand via social listening.
  • Finding influencers pertinent to your sector or company is made simple by Majestic’s integration of influencer marketing.
  • The fact that Sendible is superior to the majority of its rivals is demonstrated by the email marketing platform, dynamic reporting, and analytics.

Sendible Review: Pricing


Every plan offers a free 14-day trial period without a credit card.


$6 Social Profiles, 1 User, $25/mo (paid annually), or $29/mo 100 posts are delivered each day, and there are no limits on the number of posts that can be scheduled. 10 or more lines, Recycle material that is evergreen Bulk scheduling, automatic RSS posting, engagement & monitoring (priority inbox, Twitter keyword monitoring); Optimal publishing times, one-click reports, and Google Analytics connection are all available under analytics and reporting.


24 Social Profiles, 4 Users, $76/mo (paid annually), $89/mo includes everything in the Creator Plan as well as the following:

  • Workflow for Content Publishing: Assign and approve posts. up to thirty lines


49 Social Profiles, 7 Users, $170/mo (paid annually) / $199/mo – All Traction Plan features included, as well as the following:

  • Custom team workflows for content publishing 70 or more lines, Save content to a library Links with the Bitly logo
  • Analytics & Reporting: Up to 14 custom reports, scheduled report delivery


$340 per month (paid annually) or $399 per month, includes all features of the Scale Plan as well as the following:

  • Permission groups, up to 120 queues, and UTM tracking are included in the content publishing and workflow.
  • Analytics & Reporting: Up to 45 custom reports, live report sharing

Sendible Social Media Platform is Intended For Whom?

Sendible can help you publish fresh social media material quickly, but it does more than that. Additionally, it may send targeted emails to specified targets and dig deeply into metrics. It is the ideal tool for small- to medium-sized organizations because of these qualities.

  • If you manage many social media accounts, even though many Sendible reviews suggest that the platform is pricey for freelancers, journalists, or bloggers, it is still worth considering.
  • In general, Sendible excels in boosting website traffic, content engagement, audience growth, and reputation management. It includes every capability you require to automate your social marketing and advance it.

Sendible Review: Pros and Cons


  • Sendible combines simple social media publishing and scheduling, tools for increasing engagement, and reliable monitoring and insights.
  • Excellent built-in brand monitoring.


  • It could be difficult for small to midsize businesses (SMBs) to commit to a pricing tier.
  • Costs are increased by adding “services.”
  • Slender app integration with third parties.


Sendible is a potent social media management tool made for managing numerous clients and companies. Sendible was created for agencies, but it has a feature set that can be appealing to small and medium organizations.