Airtable Review: Airtable Pricing, Features & More

Project Management

For individuals who are accustomed to using standard office software as their go-to for all purposes, Airtable is a full-featured, distinctive database tool that was created around the practical application.

It promotes itself as a fully configurable part of spreadsheet and database, and also offers task management features as well.

As per Airtable reviews it offers fast data storage and retrieval using intricate criteria which are quite useful. Before the advent of the cloud, database software required powerful servers, which frequently required the use of spreadsheet tools rather than intricate databases. Any organization that is in need of effective archiving solutions should give Airtable a try. Let’s get to know more about the Airtable features, pricing, and other benefits in this Airtable review.

Airtable homepage

Getting Started with Airtable

It’s simple to sign up for Airtable. Simply click the “sign up for free” button on the website’s home page to enroll in the free plan. Alternatively, you can use the price page to select the free trial of the plan you like. In either scenario, you will be prompted for your email address and other information before being shown with the main screen. Airtable features give you ease to work and manage things.

You can do a lot of things from here, and we like all of them. We wish every project management tool made it as simple to use their product as this one does (looking at you, Smartsheet). If the project was based on tables, you can import it from another platform or start with some pre-made templates.

The best bet, though, is to refer to Airtable’s instructions, which may be accessible from the home screen. They’re quite detailed, and reading them should get you starting quickly. Most of the time, a tutorial chapter includes a video overview in addition to a larger piece chock full of advice.

Pricing Plans

All pricing plans are covered in this Airtable review, which are mentioned below:


$1,200 records per base, 2GB of attachment space per base, and 2 weeks of revision and snapshot history for each user, per month.


Each user receives $12 per month for 5,000 records/base, 5GB of attachment space/base, and six months of revision and snapshot history.


$24 per user per month for 50,000 records per base, 20GB of base-level attachment storage, and a year’s worth of changes and snapshot history


Make direct contact with Airtable to get a precise quote.

Airtable pricing

The amount of records and storage you have is the primary distinction between the free and Plus plans. Since there isn’t much of a difference in the features between the two, you won’t need to upgrade until your team exceeds the restrictions of the free plan. Although the Plus plan, which costs $10 per user per month (annually) without any additional features, is a decent deal, it seems a little pricey.

Airtable Features

Mentioned below are the Airtable Features which give you a clear picture about it and how it can be beneficial for you:

Spreadsheet Style Layout

Airtable presents everything in a flexible dashboard interface that is reminiscent of a spreadsheet. Anyone who has used office software for at least the past few years will be very comfortable with this interface. Because of this, despite databases’ abstracting complexity, it’s simple to learn the software rapidly.

Multiple, Complex Functions

Airtable is designed to be utilized for some specialist office needs, such as task management, project management, and other data-heavy, very specific uses. Airtable has the infrastructure to manage this, but a traditional database requires a lot of bespoke forms to be constructed and complicated formulas to be written in from scratch to support this.

Kanban Boards

No traditional database software, or indeed any other management software, has been able to incorporate this well-liked method of task and project management, but Airtable does. These are fairly simple and intuitive approaches to tracking tasks, with a ticket form that includes categories for jobs that need to be done, are being worked on, and have been finished. The whiteboard of the twenty-first century is this, and it works well.

Offline Capable

Although this solution uses a SAAS (software-as-a-service) architecture in some ways, it is actually extremely capable of functioning offline. When networks are slow or have outages, this can be great.

Easy Integration

Airtable has a variety of connections with existing spreadsheet solutions that make it very simple to connect Airtable to your current spreadsheet solution.

Support for Mac

Airtable works flawlessly with both iOS and Mac OS.

Pros and Cons

Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons as per the users Airtable reviews:


  • Almost all platforms are compatible.
  • This is really flexible and easy to use thanks to the spreadsheet orientation.
  • Simple to incorporate
  • Very reasonable
  • Supports complex forms that include virtually every kind of gallery, board, data field, and widget.
  • Perfect for project management, CRM, or pretty much any other administrative, data-intensive process.
  • Provides thorough templates along with a tutorial for almost every function.


  • Support is not present.
  • Pricing for the enterprise tier is a little hazy.
  • When moving beyond the spreadsheet paradigm, it has a learning curve.
  • When using a browser mode, it could lag.
  • Puts many branding and stylization options behind a fee wall, which can be a bit excessive for smaller businesses.

Final Words

Airtable is a true trendsetter. Many of its competitors are unable to effectively balance this exquisite union of database functionality with everyday business processes. Similar to this, some other solutions are unable to fully determine who or where they want to target. This one seems to have the situation under control and is leading by example for additional ecosystem-wide solutions. Although it would probably be difficult to make a mistake with the program, you should plan to spend a little bit more than you anticipate if you want to brand it well.