PeopleLooker Review – Is It Legit?

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PeopleLooker is not only fast and powerful, but it is also dependable. PeopleLooker combines almost all of your searches to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date information possible, even though the accuracy of your results will depend on online records. This means that assuming the data you turned up regarding your matter changes or new information becomes visible, you’ll be alarmed so you can refresh your report.

PeopleLooker Search

Why Choose PeopleLooker?

The striking and original design of PeopleLooker’s website will immediately entice you. PeopleLooker, on the other hand, has a fast and effective search engine as well. Powerful Search Engine PeopleLooker keeps things simple, whereas other people’s search websites can overwhelm you with too many options.

Simply enter the name and surname of your subject, along with a state, if desired, and click search. A report containing all of the relevant information that is found will be compiled by the search engine after it searches through billions of records. That’s it. It’s that easy.

PeopleLooker works quickly, whereas other people’s search websites can make you go through hoops or make you wait forever for your report. A preliminary search can be finished in less than two minutes, and your report will be downloaded in less than five minutes.

Pricing PeopleLooker offers a seven-day trial for just $1.00 and has straightforward pricing. You get the same features whether you sign up for a one-month or three-month plan. Be that as it may, paying for a long time forthright works out to be 30% less expensive.

PeopleLooker Reviews: Reports Offered


  • People search
  • Reverse phone search
  • Reverse email search
  • Reverse property search
  • Unclaimed Money search

Customize Search

PeopleLooker prides itself on being upfront about what you’ll find in your report, so you know exactly what you’ll get even before you sign up.
The following information about the subject of your search may be included in any standard report:

  • Name and any known aliases
  • current phone number
  • known history
  • known relatives
  • criminal records
  • information about sex offenders
  • traffic violations
  • information about social media networks
  • public photos

Is PeopleLooker legit?

The simplest response is: yes, and here is why: When using a people search service, there are two main issues to consider. The first is FCRA, and the second is access to information. With regards to admittance to data, since you might have the option to look for the data all alone doesn’t imply that you will or might want to invest your energy in doing as such. So, we think is people looker legit? You can get a comprehensive report with PeopleLooker that reveals more information about a person than you could have ever imagined.


In terms of complying with the FCRA, non-compliance means that you cannot use PeopleLooker as a consumer reporting site and must adhere to the site’s clear guidelines.

PeopleLooker Review: How does it work?

Is PeopleLooker safe? PeopleLooker gathers its data from federal, state, county, and local public records. It is used for employment screening, tenant screening, hiring household workers with educational qualifications, and business transactions initiated by an individual customer. It is very clear from the information on the website that you will only be able to find information about people who are located in the United States. However, when we conducted several searches, we discovered that PeopleLooker’s search engine searches a vast array of social media networking websites as well. These include Instagram and the usual social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

PeopleLooker gets its data from billions of records that it gets from multiple sources, according to the FAQ. However, there is no information on how the company keeps its database up to date to ensure that the information it provides is accurate. Having said that, all of your searches will be watched, and you’ll get updates every time something new or changed comes up in your report.

Ease of Use

PeopleLooker stands out from the competition thanks to its commitment to providing a superior customer experience and its user-friendly interface. The service is also very mobile-focused. It not only has apps for iOS and Android that you can download for free, but both apps also have more features than the desktop version does. This includes the capacity to conduct email and phone reverse searches.

The beautiful design and simple user interface of PeopleLooker’s website will draw you in immediately. Searching is straightforward. PeopleLooker has only one way to search, in contrast to other people’s search websites, which may offer a variety of search options that can be perplexing if you have never used one before.

Every piece of information the engine finds related to your search will be returned by the search. A search can be conducted by entering the full name of your subject. On the other hand, you can also key in a state, which ought to help you get more accurate results. During the actual pursuit, you can limit your outcomes considerably further by adding a center beginning, your subject’s age, and their most recent city of home.

The reports, despite being extremely detailed, maintain a sleek appearance and never appear overwhelming. You can quickly jump to the parts of your subject’s history you are most interested in reading about because the information is broken down into sections.

Focus on Mobile

PeopleLooker’s mobile apps were developed with a lot of care and attention to detail. The iOS and Android versions are both free to download and simple to use; all you have to do to get started is sign in with your membership information. Both the App Store and the Google Play store have given the apps high ratings.

More direct, be that as it may, the applications have extra capabilities not accessible on the work area variant, explicitly a converse telephone search and opposite email search. This means that you can quickly use your smartphone to find out who is behind an unknown phone number or email address.

Customer Experience

PeopleLooker places a strong emphasis on the customer experience, which is why it provides live support seven days a week. In addition, it maintains active Facebook and Twitter accounts with frequent updates.

Social media, particularly PeopleLooker’s Facebook page, is where customer support regularly engages customers who are having problems.

People Looker Reviews: Help & Support

PeopleLooker places a high value on its customer service representatives friendliness and willingness to assist customers. Through a toll-free number, live customer service representatives are just a phone call away, seven days a week. From 6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. (EST), lines are open.

You can also get in touch with customer support via email or by creating a support ticket if you prefer not to speak with a person in person.

PeopleLooker likewise has a FAQ segment and a blog on its site, yet the data given is very essential. The blog discusses topics like how to improve your online dating profile and is primarily concerned with lifestyle.

PeopleLooker Pros & Cons:


  • Wide range of searches
  • Mobile apps for on-the-go searches


  • Some searches are only available on mobile
  • Certain information carries an additional charge

Bottom Line

PeopleLooker is a good choice if you’re new to people searching websites and want something affordable, dependable, and easy to use. The service is very easy to use, and the beautiful design and attention to detail are big pluses.