VideoScribe Review: Is It Still Worth Buying in 2023?

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A well-known whiteboard animation program called VideoScribe has been ruling and accessible to the market since 2012. As per my knowledge and videoScribe reviews till 2021, VideoScribe was a top choice for all whiteboard animations around the world. To assess and check whether something is still worthwhile purchasing in 2023, it’s vital to search for the most recent VideoScribe reviews and features because technology and software are always changing and updating according to the needs of the market. 

If you want to know if VideoScribe is the best choice for your needs and budget, I advise reading some recently published evaluations, VideoScribe reviews, and performing a cost-benefit analysis that can be more useful when you are looking to buy one. The program is simple to use for making explanation movies and whiteboard animations. With no prior understanding of animation, you may create a video that appears to be as smooth and real to be as hand-drawn. An “explainer” video is a form of media that has grown in popularity for marketing and instructional reasons. To test the program, you can begin to work on small projects like small animations that it is most famous for. 

Despite having no prior knowledge, I was able to utilize nearly all of the capabilities with ease as you may also find VideoScribe reviews quite frequently. The majority of users choose VideoScribe over other video animation programs widely available in the digital market.

What Are Various Ways To Use It?

This program is quite useful for various kinds of editing work like if you want to make an animation for your company’s website, a commercial, or a video for institutional purposes. It has a free picture and sound collection that puts all of your needs at your fingertips. The program offers cloud support so you can view your projects at home or work and can be downloaded onto as many computers as you need (but it can only be used one at a time). Thanks to the software’s non-designer-friendly interface any beginner or even any non-designing background person can also achieve a professional-looking web design easily and effortlessly. It has been seen in VideoScribe reviews that it is a flexible tool with a broad range of applications since the animated parts may be adjusted to match the tone and message of the movie.

Is Videoscribe Worth Buying?

Videoscribe is a helpful site but like said everything comes with a price and as goes the same for this also. Videoscribe subscription comes with VideoScribe price that you may choose from all the pricing options that best suit your requirements on the website, whether it be a one-time payment or a monthly membership. After choosing a plan, you may go through the checkout process and pay with a credit card or online. You will get an email with instructions on downloading and installing the program as soon as the payment is finished. You can ask the customer service staff at VideoScribe for help if you have any queries or issues. Videoscribe prices are feasible and affordable according to the facilities that were given in it.

Though VideoScribe is not a free program. The tool is free to use for just 7 days without requiring payment, but then export will only be limited to your videos to YouTube, Facebook, and Powerpoint, and each of them will have a watermark in them. In India, the VideoScribe price may differ based on exchange rates and special offers. However, as to the market understanding, VideoScribe price provides the following price tiers:

$22 for a monthly subscription (approx. INR 1,600)

Monthly Subscription: for $17 (paid yearly at $204, or around INR 14,700).

Purchased Once: $665 (approx. INR 48,000)

Since costs might vary over time, it is usually better to check the official website for the most recent pricing information.

How To Use Videoscribe?

Where there are many editing tools in the market, using them gets very complicated for beginners and new learners. Whereas using Videoscribe is easy on windows and mac both. Here are some basic steps on how to use Videoscribe windows and VideoScribe mac to create a whiteboard animation:

  1. Install and launch Videoscribe on your computer. For windows, you can go to the site and download, and for VideoScribe mac select “Download for Mac” from the options that appear. The software has a free trial period that allows you to test the software before purchasing it.
  1. Create a new project and choose the size and aspect ratio for the animation you desire in the video.
  1. The process of creating a video was simple and intuitive. The toolbar may add text, images, or charts to your movie. But you should hold off on adding audio and voiceover clips until you’re done.
  1. Without using images to animate, you can’t create an animation, and VideoScribe offers a vast collection of stock photos to choose from. Add images and text to your animation. You can use the built-in library of images and text elements or import your own. To add an element, click and drag it onto the canvas. You can import images from other sources, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, by clicking on the corresponding option in the image import menu and following the on-screen instructions in your VideoScribe mac.
  1. Free and paid photos are the two categories that are offered. Paid photos must be acquired separately and are not part of the program fee, but free images can be utilized simply by owning a copy of the software. In searches, these are identified by a red ribbon.
  1. Once done with importing and arranging the images one needs to set the order and timing of their elements. Setting the timing for a particular animation is also important, you can set the order in which elements appear and the length of time they stay on the screen.
  1. On the timeline, each item of material, including text and images, is represented by a single block. You may organize them by dragging and dropping them. What is drawn first depends on their appearance order in the chronology.
  1. Of all the animation applications, VideoScribe boasts one of the largest libraries of royalty-free music. The little colored dots on each of the more than 200 films, which range in length from a single blue dot for “calm” to quad dark dots for “heavy,” depict various emotions. It also proved to be easy to add a voiceover. Simply choose the microphone icon, decide when you’re prepared, and your computer will start recording your voice as your scribe plays in a little window. The only drawback that I feel it has is in voice-over where it doesn’t allow you to edit so you have to record the voiceover in one go without any fumbles or mistakes.
  1. When you’ve finished perfecting your video editing, preview your animation to see how it looks. You can make changes to your animation as needed. Then you can lastly proceed to export the video. VideoScribe offers a variety of exporting and sharing choices. Only YouTube, Facebook, and PowerPoint sharing options will be available to free users, and their videos will have the VideoScribe logo watermarked. Paid users can export without a watermark to a website, the aforementioned sites, and other video file formats. Videoscribe allows you to export your animation in a variety of formats, including AVI, MP4, and WMV.

However, Whether or not VideoScribe is worth buying depends on your specific needs and goal. Overall, if you are looking for a tool to create engaging whiteboard animation videos, and you have a budget to invest in a software license, VideoScribe can be a good choice. It has a large library of pre-made images, music tracks, and sound effects that you can use to enhance your videos. You can import your own images and audio files to create truly customized videos. The software is regularly updated with new features and improvements. But, if you only need to create a few simple whiteboard animations, or if you’re on a tight budget, there may be other options available that better suit your needs.