Raven Tools Reviews, Ratings & Features 2023

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What Is Raven Tool?

A digital marketing platform called Raven tools offers a number of SEO tools for companies to use to enhance their online presence. The platform provides a variety of functions, such as tools for content marketing, social networking, PPC, and SEO. Raven Tools provides a configurable reporting system, an intuitive user interface, and thorough analytics and insights to assist organizations in making wise decisions. 

The tool enables companies to do a variety of tasks, including competition analysis, monitoring social media, backlink analysis, and site audits. Raven Tools seeks to offer a data-driven strategy for internet marketing and aid companies in increasing their online reach and exposure. For more guidance and depth knowledge read our article on raven tools review.

Features Of Raven SEO Tool

1. Competitive Analysis

Surfer SEO has gotten positive reviews, with many users praising the tool’s usability, broad features, and ability to provide helpful information for enhancing websites. Clients respect the tool’s capacity to analyze competing websites since it might give them a competitive advantage. 

Competitive Analysis

Your website may be examined by Raven Tools to find any problems that might be harming its functionality. Broken links, duplicate content, missing information, and sluggish page performance are just a few of the problems the program may find. You may analyze the websites of your rivals using Raven Tools to determine their advantages and disadvantages. To learn more about how they are doing in search engines, you may compare metrics like domain authority, page authority, and backlink profile.

2. Site Performance

For edge analyses of SEO, site, and social data, you may insert two rival websites into a chart beside your own website under the Site Performance tab. Custom reports created by Raven Tools may indicate how well your website is performing in terms of various parameters. These reports may be shared with customers or stakeholders and can be branded with your company’s logo.

You can track your link-building activities and find high-quality backlinks with the aid of Raven Tools. To assist you in keeping one step ahead of the competition, the program may also give you information on the backlinks of your rivals.

There is an information button next to each subsection that offers details and basic guidance to boost your site’s rating. The Intend to perform tool has various restrictions, such as the ability to only look at two rivals at once. There are also times when data is absent.

3. Rank Checker

The Rank Checker is a tool that lets users look at top keywords and ranking data for any website. It can be found on the SERP Monitor Rank Checker tab. This tool is useful for competition analysis since it allows you to check which terms your rivals are doing well on search engines. This tool includes data on keyword rank position, search volume, expected traffic, cost per click, traffic cost, and SERP feature in addition to a list of the top 100 keyword results.


4. Competitor Manager

Those who utilize the competition analysis function may learn more about the digital marketing tactics of their rivals, considering their backlink profile, keyword positions, social media presence, and more. By analyzing their rivals’ strengths and shortcomings, users of Raven Tools may create a plan to enhance their own digital marketing initiatives.

 When choosing the best tool for your business, consider your needs and budget as each of these products has different features and price options. Users on any plan may add an infinite number of rivals to this list, which is a perk.

5. Keyword Research

With the Keyword Research tool, users may find terms and phrases that are pertinent to their website or sector. Users may enter a seed term or phrase into the tool, and it will produce a list of relevant keywords along with crucial characteristics like search volume, competitiveness, and cost per click (CPC). Also, users have the option of filtering the results according to several parameters, like word count, keyword difficulty, and more.

The Keyword Research tool also gives details on historical data and term trends, enabling users to spot changes in search behaviors over time. With this data, website content may be optimized and search engine rankings can be raised.

6. Site Auditor

A technique for evaluating a site’s SEO performance is site audits. This is a crucial tool that will assist you in understanding and resolving SEO problems that can be adversely affecting the search traffic and ranking of your website. Both of the site auditing sections included in Raven Tools are efficient and offer a list of the site’s problems that is simple to see.

Site Auditor

A distinct perspective of the crawl is provided by the Site Auditor Studio, which Raven Tools more recently released. Your site receives an overall score from The Auditor Studio, which categorizes concerns as Critical, Warning, and Needs Action.

The auditor will briefly describe the problem, explain how it affects your site, and provide a link to a guide on how to correct it. You would be able to designate issues as “resolved” after visiting your site and making the necessary corrections.

Pros Of Raven Tool

Raven tools reviews have shown many benefits of the app, some are mentioned below:

  1. A complete set of SEO tools, including a keyword research tool, website auditor, backlink explorer, competition analysis, and more, are available from Raven Tools. This can assist companies in finding possibilities to raise their search engine ranks and increase organic website traffic.
  2. Many third-party tools, such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, and others, are integrated with Raven Tools. This can facilitate firms’ marketing operations and provide them with a more comprehensive understanding of their market information.
  3. Even novice users may easily utilize Raven Tools’ user-friendly interface. With little training, this may assist firms in getting up and running rapidly.

Cons Of Raven tool

Raven tools reviews have shown many cons of the app, some are mentioned below:

  1. Raven Tools may be pricey, especially for individuals or small organizations. Although there are multiple cost tiers accessible, some customers might not be able to afford the more sophisticated services.
  2. Nevertheless, compared to specialized social media analytics tools, Raven Tools’ social media analytics and reporting capabilities might be rather constrained.
  3. Users that need to produce highly customized reports for customers or stakeholders may find that Raven Tools lacks the capacity to build bespoke reports.

Raven SEO Tools: Conclusion

Finally, Raven Tools is a platform for internet marketing that provides thorough solutions for SEO, social networks, and more. The platform’s reporting tools, user-friendly layout, and client service have all garnered favorable raven tool reviews. Several customers point out that some services, such as the point that some services, such as social media analytics, and keyword research, might be enhanced and that the price can be exorbitant for small firms. 

Several users also mention that various services and features should be enhanced based on raven tool reviews and ratings from numerous sources. Although the raven SEO tool has generally received favorable reviews from users and review sites, it’s still vital to assess your needs and budget to see whether it’s the ideal fit for your company.